56,000 homes powered for cost of cleanup
Tuesday, May 4th 2010 5:32 pm

Do you wonder how bad this spill is? Here is a video from CNN:

Hey Tony - Here is an example of the type of person you tried to advantage of last weekend:

I love this article -http://www.cnn.com/2010/US/05/03/oil.spill.desperate.measure/index.html?hpt=C1
makes it seem like a great and wonderful thing that BP had no plan in place to deal with this type of emergency before hand.

The count so far is about 3 million gallons of oil has been pumped into the Gulf of Mexico. So just the cost of the oil wasted is about $6,000,000. The cost to our coastlines, our economy, our national security rises every day this continues. So including the average cost estimates of the clean up rapidly approaching 4 billion dollars - that means the tally is 14 eSolar type plants could be built and provide power to 56,000 homes with just the money from this one oil spill. Why is it we can't find the money to avoid these things from happening but we always seem to find it to clean up the mess after the fact?

Hey Tony - what if BP had built these plants of their own accord instead of focusing on profit and the destruction of the only planet we have? BP would have hero status in the US. If only eh Tony?

Watch as the price of bananas, rubber products, coffee, and all sorts of other consumer goods begin to skyrocket. The price of a barrel of oil has gone up in the past few days and expected to continue to rise;

Look - you silly humans - killing the environment is a failed and flawed concept - it's the only one we have! Once we kill it, it's gone - then we're gone, as in the entire human race - seriously what don't you understand?

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