Selling your home? Here are a few Marketing Tips
Wednesday, December 3rd 2014 2:13 pm

So, you've decided to sell your home and move across the country. Good for you! Be prepared, because prettying up your garden and sticking a sign out front is just not going to cut it in today's competitive real estate market.

90% of potential home buyers search the internet FIRST when looking for a home in the real estate market of today. Internet marketing is huge when looking to get exposure for a home that is for sale. Make sure that your property is listed in the MLS. Post it on Craigslist, Facebook and on YouTube. I read somewhere that someone had created a video love letter about their home and their neighborhood and posted it on YouTube. They made sure to tell the best parts of their home and neighborhood including their favorite bakery and coffee shop that they frequented on the weekends.

Take lots and lots of great photos of your home and property. If you are unable to hire a professional photographer to take the pictures for you, experiment with photographing your home. You can't rush good photos, so make sure you take pictures at different times of the day until you find the right lighting for your photos. Look at these pictures like you would if you were looking to buy the home, don't take pictures where you can see the dirty dishes in the sink or the oil stain in the driveway. Make sure that when you are photographing the inside of the home you are able to see the views outside as well, so open up the blinds and curtains and allow that natural light to come in.

Create a virtual tour of the home. This gives potential home buyers access to your home anytime and anywhere. Start by planning how you would like your tour to play out. Walk through your property inside and out and make notes of the features that you want to highlight, angles that look best and the flow from one room to the next. Next start video taping each room with a 360 degree view, walk very slowly and keep the camera as steady as you can. Between the still images that you have taken and these short "movies" of each room you should have enough to create a beautiful virtual tour.

Putting a sign out front might not be enough to sell your home, but sure does help. This is free advertising that offers a passerby an opportunity to note that your property is for sale and the number to call for details is right there for the taking.

Best of luck to you on your new adventures!

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