Best Curb Appeal Tips...be a CSI Agent!
Friday, October 24th 2014 10:50 am

When a potential home-buyer is looking for that new dream home, the first thing they might do is check on line to find a home in the area that they are interested that meets their criteria. The next thing they might do is drive by that home and see what it looks like. If that home has trash in the yard, weeds in the garden and the paint is peeling off the front door, chances are pretty good they will never walk through that door to see the rest of the house. Prettying up your front yard is known as "curb appeal" and it is quite important when you are looking to sell. If your "curb appeal" makes a great first impression than that home buyer will want to see the rest of the house.

1. The best way to start your curbappeal projects is to pretend that you are a buyer and walk around your home with a notepad and a pen and write down everything that you think may need repairing or just doesn't look "right". Drive down the road (from both directions) during the nighttime and daytime and look at your home, you may be able to see things that you haven't noticed before, like a loose shingle or paint that is chipping on the side of the home. You know....be a CSI Agent!

2. Clean up your entryway. There are several things that you can do that will add to the the front entryway curb appeal. Re-paint the front door and change out the hardware so it is nice and shiny. I have heard that brushed nickel suites a contemporary style home, while oiled-bronze suits a more traditional style home. Keep things symmetrical around the doorway, not only is easy to look at, it's easy to do! If you have a sidelight next to the door, add another one. When adding something to the entryway, just make sure you add another one just like it on the other side! Complete the look by adding a beautiful wreath to the front door, that complements both the exterior and the interior of the home.

3. Add some outdoor lighting. Pick up some stylish solar powered lights and add some to the garden area, create accent lighting in the trees and/or light up the walk way. This makes a huge statement about the curb appeal of the home. You can also use low-voltage landscape lighting, it is a bit more expensive in both the costs of the lights and the electric that it uses, but it shines a little brighter than the solar powered lights.

4. Prune back your shrubs and add some fresh mulch. Trim back any overgrown bushes and add some leafy plants and different colored annuals. Add a dark mulch around the trees with a few potted flowers. Edge out the garden beds so that they are crisp and clean looking and pull out all those weeds. Darken the green in your grass with some lawn food and water and cover any of the bare spots with seeds and/or sod.

5. Whether your mailbox is on the house or by the road, a new mailbox is a great addition to your curb appeal. Make certain that you follow the regulations that are set in the city that you live in when you install your new mailbox. If you are adding a new mailbox to the side of your home this installation should only take about an hour to complete. If you are adding your new mailbox to by the road it should take about 2 hours to complete.

You would be amazed at the difference that slapping a bit of paint and adding a few touches can do to the curb appeal of your home. It may look so good that you could end up deciding not to sell!

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